Health Benefits of Cocoa Beans

Health Benefits of Cocoa Beans

June 25, 2021 0 By Lewys Huffman

Chocolate has been a popular treat for many years. The dark, rich, and creamy taste is hard to resist. It is considered to be a very healthy food that provides a number of health benefits. Chocolates are made from the beans of cacao, a fruit that grows on trees in South America. Chocolate is produced from the beans by hand, from the inside of the cocoa fruit.

There is evidence of health benefits to eating chocolate. Chocolate contains antioxidants, which are good for your body. The antioxidants found in chocolate help to reduce free radical activity, one of the primary causes of aging. Some research even suggests that there are more antioxidants in dark chocolate than in milk chocolate.

Another important point about chocolate consumption is that it has a high fiber content. A recent study indicated that dietary fiber may help prevent cancer. High consumption of dark chocolate was associated with a lower risk for both heart disease and cancer. The results were particularly encouraging for men, but women may want to consider it with caution.

The fat in chocolate is not particularly bad for you, but excessive consumption can lead to weight gain. Excess fat in your diet is associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease and increased blood pressure. When buying chocolate candy, choose the type that is plain or organic. The organic versions may be higher in cocoa.

Dark chocolate tends to have a higher cocoa butter content than milk chocolate, so eating chocolate with a high cocoa butter content can also provide many health benefits. A well-balanced diet with a variety of vegetables, whole grains, fish, and other sources of protein will provide the dietary fiber that is not found in milk chocolate. For those who prefer their chocolate with a little more cream, half or one-third of the chocolate pieces will have to be made with organic cocoa butter. For those on low-carb diets, chocolate can be a great substitute for milk, but if you make chocolate ice cream by using organic cocoa butter, you can still get the health benefits without having to eliminate milk from your diet. By using organic cocoa butter, you will be able to reap all of the health benefits without decreasing the amount of vegetables and protein in your diet.

There are some types of chocolate that contain smaller amounts of the beneficial cacao bean seeds, such as dark chocolate. These chocolate bars tend to have a milder flavor and are available in limited varieties. Dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants, which can prevent cell damage and protect against certain cancers. Because it has a milder chocolate flavor, milk chocolate is often blended with this type to make it taste better.