Best Hot Chocolate Recipe – 5 Ingredients and 15 Minutes

Best Hot Chocolate Recipe – 5 Ingredients and 15 Minutes

September 8, 2023 0 By Lewys Huffman

Simply ditch the powdery packets and make this delicious homemade hot chocolate instead. With only five ingredients and 15 minutes required to complete it, this simple homemade hot chocolate recipe makes a delicious treat perfect for movie night or snowy day activities.

Make this decadent treat even richer by mixing two forms of chocolate for an intense and rich flavor experience! Add cinnamon or even peppermint extract for some festive flair!

1. Cocoa Powder

To make this dessert, all that is required for success is milk (or its vegan equivalent), cocoa powder, and sugar. A pinch of salt adds depth of flavor while rounding off sweetness; however, this element is optional and may be left out if a less salty version is desired.

Shiloh Farms cocoa powder will give your hot chocolate an authentic chocolatey taste that you won’t find elsewhere.

Note that as this cocoa powder isn’t Dutch processed, it still contains acids which react with baking soda if used alone; to combat this reaction in recipes such as cake baking. Therefore, for best results it should be combined with an alkalizing agent like baking powder to achieve proper pH balance and ensure proper results.

Before adding the dry ingredients to warm milk, it’s essential that they be whisked into a small amount of cold milk first in order to fully dissolve and avoid clumps. Incorporating cocoa powder allows it to warm up slowly before being added directly.

2. Sugar

Sugar can help thicken and make hot chocolate smoother, but it’s not necessary for this recipe. The ideal sweeteners for hot cocoa include Splenda or Truvia (affiliate links), but powdered stevia or monk fruit sweetener may also work.

No matter the sweetener you use, it is crucial to blend it with a small amount of water first in order to ensure proper mixing and to smooth out any lumps that may form; this step is particularly helpful when working with date powder or similar sweeteners that tend to be gritty.

Combine cocoa powder, sweetener and milk in a saucepan and heat until the edges begin to bubble and steam. Whisk in vanilla and salt (if desired). Before serving this hot chocolate treat with marshmallows for extra fun!

4. Vanilla

If you’re trying to reduce processed sugar intake but still desire the pleasures of hot chocolate, why not give this delicious healthy version a try? Made with natural sweeteners like honey and cocoa powder for an indulgent drink you can feel good about consuming?

Add some vanilla bean seeds or cinnamon stick for an aromatic and tasty twist when creating homemade hot chocolate recipes, compared with store-bought mixes that typically use vanilla extract as they provide a nice change from vanilla extract-only options.

Add extra crunch and make your hot chocolate taste like dessert by topping it off with mini marshmallows – the ideal way to turn any hot cocoa drink into an irresistibly decadent experience! For even more indulgence, add caramel or whipped cream as garnish for your drink, or experiment with different spices like nutmeg and ginger for even greater variety – or create your own personalized hot chocolate recipe that you will adore.