Which juice is right for you? 

Which juice is right for you? 

March 2, 2023 0 By Lewys Huffman

Juices, you have them in all kinds of smells, colors and flavors. When you stand in front of a shelf in the store, you are flooded with all kinds of different juices. Some people stock up on juices like water and other people buy juice every once in a while. If you’re not that familiar with all the juices and brands yet, you’ve come to the right place. We are happy to take you through your search for the tastiest juice for you!

What flavors do you like?

So how do you know which juice is the right one for you? To find that out, we have to start at the beginning. What do you like to taste? Everyone likes different flavors; after all, no one has the same taste buds. Are you a fan of sweetness? Or do you prefer bitter? If you ask yourself questions like these, you will slowly but surely find out what you like. And when you have an idea of what suits you, you can start looking at what kind of drinks there are. At Dutch Expat Shop you have a very wide range with something for everyone, so take a look and find something nice for yourself!  

Combine flavors with each other

So once you know what flavors you like, you start looking at what’s on offer. What flavors are available and what do brands offer? Maybe you have one flavor that you really like such as strawberry, but it could be that you have several favorites. If you can’t choose from these and also don’t want to have dozens of different flavors in your house, it’s not lost yet. In fact, there are also lots of drinks that are mixed together. For example, you can get a juice with the flavors apple and grapes, but also berries and raspberries or pears and bananas. You even have multi drinks, which contain all kinds of different flavors, the choice is yours!

Let’s try!
To really find out which juice really suits you, you try, try and try again. Because there is so much juice from holland, you can try many different flavors. It can happen that your very first juice is not as good as you thought. But of course, that is not a disaster! At least you know you don’t like it and you can move on to try the next flavor!

No sugars
When people hear the word juice, they immediately think of lots of sugar. But these days, that whole lot of sugar is not that much anymore! Nowadays, all kinds of brands offer an option without sugar. People want to live healthier lives and juices with lots of sugar do not fit in with their eating and drinking habits. That is why more and more sugar-free drinks have appeared on the market.  So when you want to enjoy a nice juice, but do not want to take in too much sugar, you can choose the juices with 0% sugar!

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